WW: I know someone like that [sweet under that emotionless exterior] — although I think romantic entanglements tend to drive one… batty.
—Justice League Adventures #28

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I remember all of it. Not just what happened after I woke up there, but my whole other life. Perhaps some kind of temporal after-effect?

Or, perhaps, it was a gift.

Yes, a gift.

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Organization, minus one.

Season 1, Episode 12: “Fahrenheit 932”

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I think in general every actor is looking for that little space of getting lost. We always look to be in control of what we’re doing and at the same time letting go and getting lost in whatever situation it is. And when we do that we feel free and we feel like the character is on its move and we’re standing right behind, guiding it. There are a couple of times when I’ve lost track and I was like, “What the fuck happened in that scene?” but it wasn’t bad; it was something new I had to get used to.

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"a relationship can’t be romantic without sex"


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Mike and Chester about playing Hybrid Theory in its intirety.

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Is the guy from Rascal Flatts hitting on you?

Season 10, Episode 14: “Unshockable”

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Batman: Arkham Series + Tumblr, Part 1 of 5

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

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"Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to do nothing."

Not for college students, apparently.

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 Finlay must deal with a bomb planted in her car, while Russell gets a call from someone claiming to be the Gig Harbor killer, on the 15th season premiere of CSI:, Sunday, Sept 28.

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Chester Bennington feat. my hand

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